iRobot Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot


The iRobot Braava 320 is a systematic floor cleaner designed especially for hard floors (tiles, linoleum, laminate, wood, etc.) where it can operate as a wet and dry cleaner.

In dry mode the robot dusts the floor in straight lines, while in wet mode the Braava will move in back and forth movements to scrub the surface with the wet microfibre cloth.

The Braava 320 uses the unique Northstar navigation cube and cleans hard floors hassle-free, quickly and quietly.

The iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot automatically dry and damp mops hard floors using two cleaning modes, keeping dirt and dust under control.

The robot is easy to use. At the push of a button, Braava is off to mop for you – and when it is done cleaning, the robot returns to where it started. Braava uses disposable or reusable cleaning cloths that are simple to attach and remove.

It is whisper quiet, featuring a soft-touch bumper and quiet motors, so it cleans without disrupting daily activity or sleep.


  • Keeps track of where it has been and where it still needs to go
  • Works on hard-surface floors, including hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate
  • Mops with disposable or reusable microfibre cloths, dry or damp
  • Two cleaning modes: Dry Mop mode sweeps back and forth in straight lines using dry cleaning cloths to efficiently pick up dust, dirt and hair
  • Damp Mop mode uses a special back-and-forth mopping action and damp cleaning cloths to lift surface dirt and grime off floors
  • Uses NorthStarâ„¢ Navigation Cubes to map the room, ensuring a complete and effective clean
  • Just press and go
  • Whisper quiet
  • When complete - returns to where it started and powers down
  • Avoids stairs, area rugs and raised transitions to carpets
  • Cleans dust and dirt along walls, skirting boards and edges
  • Cleans under furniture and other tight areas

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