Water Blaster Super Soaker's


Water Blasters are the most DURABLE water cannons in the world. The support weapons of water combat. 

Refill in seconds.

Nearly indestructible.

Clean in less than a minute anywhere.

Guaranteed for LIFE


Genuine Water Blasters come in 2 sizes:

Water Blaster XLR and Water Blaster Mini.

Please see the following links for further information:

Water Blaster Inc

Channel 5 Gadget Show Top 5 Water Guns

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Water Blaster XLR - Extra Long Range - Soaker


Water Blaster Mini Water Cannon - Long Range Soaker


Water Blaster XLR Pack


Water Blaster MINI Pack


Water Blaster Family COMBO Pack


Water Blaster XLR Quad Pack


Water Blaster Mini Quad Pack


Replacement Rubber O-Ring