Powerball Diablo 450Hz Metal Pro S



Fancy some bling?

Sumptuous, exciting, luxurious and featuring a flawless gold-plated finish, the 450Hz Metal™ "Diablo S"™ Lightweight Edition NSD Powerball® is an ultra desirable NSD Powerball® and will certainly serve as the jewel in the crown of your collection - a must for any serious NSD Powerball® enthusiast. This is the top of the range.

Hand-assembled, each ball is individually tested and will spin at speeds in excess of 21,000rpm allowing you for the first time to experience the true 450Hz™ "Diablo S"™ power of the metal™ NSD Powerball® and is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Each NSD Powerball® is presented in a transparent magnetic display case to ensure that its beauty remains protected but in view at all times while not in use. All 450Hz Metal™ "Diablo S"™ models feature the 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counter as standard - also included are two starting cords and full instructions.

Exercise Play Compete - The ultimate exercise device, Powerball develops strength speed and dexterity in the fingers, arms, hands, shoulders and wrists. Also good for rehabilitation and therapy for broken wrists hands and arms.

VAT receipt included.


  • 450 Hz Lightweight Edition
  • Gold plated finish
  • Spin at speeds in excess of 21,000 rpm
  • Includes Presentation case
  • 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counter
  • Perfect for golfers, musicians, squash, tennis, fencing, basketball, badminton, archery, cricket etc
  • 2 starting cords
  • Use for rehabilitation and relief from carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI
  • Not suitable for Children Under 14yrs
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